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Imogen Mills, Music Educator

Music Education Philosophy

          Music is a powerful force that can be used to heal, form bonds, and create joy. It is an essential part of humanity and helps us understand both each other and ourselves. Music education should allow students to use music as a healing force and a way to help resolve differences and problems. It should allow students to be creative, brave, and individual, while also letting them join together for a greater purpose.

          Individual students must feel valued and appreciated as themselves so they can feel safe to be creative in music class. Teachers should help students feel safe by encouraging students to share music that they enjoy and provide opportunities for students to explore in an open environment. Education should also be student centered, and should encourage spontaneity and expression from students, as well as being a safe space for students to make mistakes and learn.

          Traditional ensemble music can be a wonderful experience for many students, but music education should also include world music and popular music, as they are crucial in helping foster a well-rounded understanding and love of music. If students feel that they can bring the music that they love into music class, they will be more receptive to learning about music that they are unfamiliar with. Learning about music from around the world in a deeper, more connected way can also help students relate to those cultures with a more open mind.  

          Music is essential to education, and music class should be a place where students feel accepted as themselves, and a place where they can create beauty both alone and with others. By singing and playing music not only from their culture, but from others as well, students will begin to relate to other people from around our connected world.



Master of Special Education from Kent State University

Bachelor of Music in Education, Voice Concentration from Ithaca College

Teaching Experience

General Music and Chorus Teacher at Rondout Valley Intermediate and Junior High Schools (NY)

Senior Student Teaching at Somerville High School, Grades 9-12 (NJ)

Special Skills

Piano, violin, guitar, various American and European folk dances, conversational German


Anticipated July 2022

May, 2018


Sept. 2018 - Present

Oct. - Dec. 2017



Music Educator Resume

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